Tuesday, November 20, 2012

     Our worst enemy in life can sometimes be ourselves. Sure it may be a situation in life that is bothering you that may cause you to act in a certain way. But The enemy is sometimes you. People may go through drug and alcohol addictions that can really cause harm to themselves and really not know how it can effect them. That is when you are your own enemy. Low self esteem, not having any confidence in self, holding on to hate, and having grudges towards something or someone from the past. The only way to eliminate this enemy is to submit to GOD (ALLAH). God will cleanse the soul from all things that are negative and all you have to do is trust and believe that he will carry you to the destination of peace and happiness. When the enemy is you that is the devil living through you to stop you from living life. But when having God in sight the self enemy can be destroyed and gone forever. Submit to GOD (ALLAH) and kill the enemy within self.

Peace N Blessings - Mell Dilla.